Voices from Russia

00 south russia republics in 1918 map. 06.06.15


The only area that’s historically “Ukrainian” is the so-called UNR (Ukrainian Peoples Republic), along with the Lvovshchina in the Western Ukraine. These areas were under Polish papist occupation and misrule from the 15th through the 18th centuries. No other areas are “Ukrainian”, as the papist occupation was the formative cause of the separation between “Russians” and “Ukrainians”. No area that was never under Polish rule ever had the Unia until the post-1991 successor state… it was only in the areas under the Polish boot. How can you tell that Uniates are Polish lickspittles? They call one another “Pan”… a Polonism that all Russians avoid like the plague!

If you want to know why the present war is so bitter, look at the map! The most rabidly nationalist areas aren’t even amongst the 1918 Republics, as the Lvovshchina was under the Second Polish Republic. Why do the Russians of Novorossiya and the…

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